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Docker on OpenWRT x86_64

Yesterday I spent like 15 hours trying to get Docker to work under OpenWRT, and at the end finally did it.
I'll post the solution that finally got it working here so that any others that might wanna do the same have a guide to follow. Also, this was only tested on the x86_64 version of OpenWRT, I can't guarantee that this will or won't work on any other version.

To run docker, all you need to do is copy the Docker binaries for x86_64 onto your OpenWRT device, and run them.
This, however, will only work if certain Kernel flags are enabled and certain packages installed.
So, what we want to do first is building OpenWRT ourselves, with the following changes. I won't go into detail as there are enough resources for how to build OpenWRT yourself on the internet.
Also, mind you, I got all this info by scrapping together different stuff I found on the internet. I can't tell you if all of these are really needed, I got some of these options from resources saying they'd be needed to run Kubernetes, and not Docker, so they might be completely unnecessary, but I know that Docker works with this configuration. If you wanna find out which are unnecessary, you'll have to figure it out yourself.

  1. go to targets/linux/x86/config-{kernel-version} and add the following lines:

  1. In make menuconfig, these are all the things you need to enable:
    -> Global Build Settings -> Kernel Build Options -> Enable kernel access key retention support -> Enable kernel cgroups -> Enable ALL sub selections (important) -> Enable kernel namespaces -> Enable ALL sub selections (important) -> Enable miscellaneous LXC related options -> Enable ALL sub selections (important) -> Enable seccomp support -> Kernel Modules -> Native Language Support -> kmod-nls-base -> Netfilter Extensions -> kmod-br-netfilter -> kmod-ebtables-* -> kmod-conntrack -> kmod-conntrack-extra -> kmod-ipt-extra -> kmod-ipt-ipopt -> kmod-ipt-ipset -> kmod-nf-conntrack-netlink -> kmod-nf-nathelper -> kmod-nf-nathelper-extra -> kmod-nfnetlink -> Network Support -> kmod-veth -> kmod-vxlan -> Other Modules -> kmod-ikconfig -> Libraries -> libnetfilter-conntrack -> libnfnetlink -> Network -> Firewall -> ebtables -> ebtables-utils -> iptables-mod-conntrack-extra -> iptables-mod-extra -> iptables-mod-ipopt -> iptables-mod-ipsec -> iptables-mod-nat-extra -> Routing and Redirection -> ip-bridge -> ip-full -> Utilities -> Compression -> xz-utils -> procps-ng

  1. Once you have all these and any additional things you need enabled, you can go and build OpenWRT and then flash it onto your device

  1. Now, you could technically just run the 64bit Docker binaries on your device, but user discordianfish on GitHub made a script to automatically download the Docker binaries and create init scripts and config files for them. It should be easy to use, but I'll explain it anyway.
Install the following packages via opkg:
git git-http curl tar make 
then clone the repo:
git clone https://github.com/discordianfish/docker-on-openwrt.git 
now cd into the directory and edit 2 files: VERSIONS, and Makefile
In VERSIONS, add the Docker version you want to downlad, and in Makefile replace the VERSION variable at the top with the version you want to download.
Then, just run
  1. After you ran make, go into the build directory. There you'll find a .opk file for your Docker installation
Install this file with
opkg install docker_VERSION_x86_64.opk 
Once installed, run these 2 commands
/etc/init.d/docker enable /etc/init.d/docker start 

And that's it, now you have a working Docker installation on your OpenWRT x86_64 device.
i hope this helps some folks trying to do the same. Credit goes to discordianfish for the docker-on-openwrt Makefile
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